Halo Recruit Ltd. is committed to developing and adopting a proactive approach to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in an attempt to ensure it is not taking place in our business.

We will continue to develop our policies and codes of practice, raise awareness, and consistently audit our processes.

We will promote this throughout the business from our board of directors, through to the management team, branch teams and new recruits.

Halo Recruit operates as an employment business and employment agency sourcing and supplying staff across a number of sectors.

Due Diligence

To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in the business, comprehensive training is provided to all staff working for Halo Recruit. Furthermore, our onboarding processes ensure thorough checks are introduced from the initial point of contact to ensure that full consideration is given by all staff when engaging with and registering workers.

All prospective candidates are interviewed face to face individually, with questions specifically targeted to try and identify whether they are subject to any form of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. Regular checks are conducted by our Compliance Manager, focusing primarily on what we consider to be ‘red flags’ of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, such as duplicate bank details, shared addresses and phone numbers, along with signs of physical or mental abuse.

All staff of Halo Recruit are made aware of what signals to look for, how these signals could indicate Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking is present and what to do should a situation arise. The training process for new employees covers Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking to create awareness and to fully identify the process to follow should a situation arise.

Our Reception areas display information relating to Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking, which all candidates have access to. This information is provided in a selection of different languages to ensure our candidates fully understand it, and it details how candidates can seek help should they feel that they are a victim of Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking.

We provide all of our candidates with a Worker Handbook at the point of registration which also details the correct processes for reporting any suspicion of Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking, and gives contact numbers for relevant charities and helplines, along with the contact information for Halo Recruit’s own Complaints department.

This is Halo Recruit’s Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking statement.

We are committed to review this statement at least annually, or as changes arise.



Next Review Due:                    May 2019